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Meet the Team

Eric Bell


A Virginia Beach native, Eric has years of experience in the real estate market and a lifetime of knowledge about Tidewater!

Catherine Bell


Catherine has years of experience in real estate and insurance admin. She has transaction coordination down to a science keeping your deal on track to close.

Thanos Bell


A member of the original Ring The Doorbell team, Thanos has been on staff from the beginning keeping things on task from behind the scenes.


Are you a fan of apps like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com? If so you're not alone, in fact; you're in great company. Real estate apps like these have cemented themselves into the industry and they are here to stay. And rightfully so, after all they are great for what they are but at the end of the day they all fall short in that they do not have access to the MLS. As a result they are forced to draw from alternative sources of information such as tax data and the like.


Meet Homesnap


Only Homesnap lets users take snapshots of homes to instantly retrieve MLS data!

The Zillow That Agents Use

The Multiple Listing Service is the network by which licensed real estate agents exchange information concerning the properties that they are marketing for sale. This is by far the most up to date source of information available on the real estate market and is not open to the public.

Introducing Homesnap, the first app of it's kind and the first app ever to be released by REIN, Hampton Roads local MLS. Homesnap has all of the features that you may be used to from other real estate applications and more. Give it a try and you'll be deleting the others from your phone!


Want to try Homesnap? Just click the try it button below and we'll send you a link to install the app on your smart phone. Don't worry, your information is confidential and will always be kept that way!

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